Lizzie and Jamie 14.11.15

Jars of scrummy warm homemade winter pimms awaited Lizzie,Jamie and their guests as they arrived from Hampstead Norrys church on Sat 14th November 2015.

The barn looked beautifully lit with twinkly lights and cosy chesterfields, very fitting for this winter evening celebration.

IMG_1769 IMG_1770

At the table Guests were treated to bowls of delicious creamy Butternut squash soup, topped with crisp sweet potato.



Followed by Vickers pork and leek sausages, buttery lovers mash potato, wrapped seasonal veg and crunchy battered onion rings.

Very happy comments were passed throughout the room!

‘The something blues’ then arrived (friends of the bride and groom) to play a fantastic set and get everyone on their feet to enjoy an evening of dancing.

During a short brake, an evening treat was served…..

Warm pitta breads filled with succulent pulled Moroccan lamb and sweet bbq chicken

along with yummy wedding cake.

lots more dancing bought this wonderful day to a close

Congratulations to a lovely couple

Richie, Charlotte and the team at Rs Catering